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A unique name with ancient origins that fully embodies the singularity and rustic-modern style of our winery. A Venetian term assigned to the type of terrain on which the Agritourism Company flourishes.

“The Magrine”
Magrine Wine Castelfranco Veneto
We are


Magrine is the result of the tireless commitment of Italian winegrowers; our work reflects the dedication and passion that define the unique character of our wines. Magrine tells the story of skilled hands cultivating the vine with love, ensuring authenticity and quality in every bottle.

Magrine Wine Castelfranco Veneto
Wine Producers of
Prosecco DOC

The Magrine signed Prosecco DOC is an irresistible blend of sparkling freshness and aromatic refinement that captivates every palate with the authentic taste of our lands in the province of Treviso. Explore our extraordinary collection of Prosecco DOC in Extra Dry, Brut, and Rosé variations.

Magrine Wine Castelfranco Veneto
The new wine
12 Mesi

Magrine's elegant sparkling wine, "Brut Nature," enriched by 12 months of bottle aging, unveils a story of refined winemaking mastery. This unique wine captures the essence of our dedication and celebrates, with freshness and aromatic depth, the extraordinary emotion that only Magrine can offer.

Azienda agricola Magrine Wine
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Magrine is born from the deep connection of the 'Scremin Fighera' family, a bond that is reflected in our authentic, sincere, and warm approach to the quality Italian wine we produce. Magrine represents the result of this family dedication that characterizes every stage of our winemaking process, ensuring an unforgettable experience with every sip.

SQNPI certification

Magrine is proud to uphold the tradition of winemaking excellence, certified by SQNPI. Each bottle reflects our commitment to sustainable practices, respecting the environment and ensuring the highest quality with every sip. Choosing a Magrine wine means embracing the authentic taste of nature, with the assurance of a respectful and certified production.

logo certificazione SQNPI
The Vineyard

Explore the beating heart of Magrine, a visual journey among the rows of vines that guard the secret of our winemaking passion. Watch the video.

Magrine is more than just a winery for me; it's a dream that I have cultivated with passion. Each bottle of Prosecco DOC carries with it the story of commitment and dedication that we have poured into this project.
Andrea Scremin Fighera
From the beginning, I believed in the potential of this terroir to create quality Prosecco. Magrine is the result of a shared vision and the desire to offer our consumers a unique sensory journey.
Gino Scremin Fighera
Being involved in Magrine is a privilege. In each label, there is the family bond and the care we put into cultivating the vines. We are a family, and our wines are the expression of this strong connection.
Serena Scremin Fighera
Magrine is not only the result of professional commitment but also of family love. Every sip of Prosecco is a tribute to our history and the passion that binds us together. Magrine is the heart of our family.
Ely Scremin Fighera